Approved Hearing Aids

**most appropriate for patients ages 5-14

++ may incur out of pocket cost for family


++ Q90 & V90 level devices may incur an out of pocket cost

Audeo B (B90/B70/B50)

Audeo B-R (B90/B70/B50)

Audeo Q (Q90/Q70/Q50)

Audeo V (V90/V70/V50)

Bolero B- M, P, SP (B90/B70/B50)

​Bolero B-PR (B90/B70/B50)

Bolero Q-M, Q-P, Q-SP (Q90/Q70/Q50)**

Bolero V-M (V90/V70/V50)**

Bolero V-P (V90/V70/V50)**

Bolero V-SP (V90/V70/V50)**



Naida V-RC (V90/V70/V50)**

Naida V-UP (V90/V70/V50)**

Sky Naida V-SP (V90/V70/V50)**

Sky Q (Q90/VQ70/Q50)**

Sky Q RIC (Q90/Q70/Q50)

Sky Q-SP (Q90/Q70/Q50)**

Sky Q-UP (Q90/Q70/Q50)**

Sky V-M (V90/V70/V50)**

Sky V-P (V90/V70/V50)**

Sky V-RIC (V90/V70/V50)

Sky V-SP (V90/V70/V50)**

Sky V-UP (V90/V70/V50)**

Virto B Titanium (B90/B70)

Virto Q (Q90/Q70/Q50)

Virto V (V90/V70/V50)

Oticon Pediatrics

Alta2 (All styles)

Alta2 Pro (All styles)

Nera2 (All styles)

Nera2 Pro (All styles)

Opn1 miniRITE

Ria2 Pro (All styles)

Safari 900SP**

Sensei BTE 13**

Sensei BTE 312**

Sensei Pro BTE 13**

Sensei Pro BTE 312**

Sensei Pro RITE

Sensei Pro SP**

Sensei RITE

Sensei SP**


++ 7bx & 7mi devices may incur an out of pocket cost

Aquarius micon 7mi/5mi/3mi**

Carat A binax 7bx/5bx/3bx

Carat binax 7bx/5bx/3bx

Insio binax 7bx/5bx/3bx

Motion binax SX/SA/PX/7bx/5bx/3bx

Nitro micon BTE 7mi/3mi**

Nitro micon Custom

Pure binax 7bx/5bx/3bx

Oticon Medical

Ponto Plus ++

Ponto Plus Power ++

Ponto Pro ++

Ponto Pro Power ++


Baha 5 ++

Baha 5 Power ++

Baha 5 Super Power ++